Welcome to The Daughter of the Most Holy Redeemer!  This site for those who are aware of the times we are in or for those searching for answers. I will cover current events going on in the World to shed a Biblical light on it  and I will research topics lead by the Holy Ghost to broaden my understanding and hopefully yours as well!

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I am a Women, I am a Mother, I am a Daughter of the Most Holy Redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ.

My life has had many ups and downs and I haven’t always made the right decisions. It took me years to realize that all I had to do is submit completely unto the Lord and let the things of this world go.  I spent most of my life blinded and unaware about the times we are in. After complete submersion into the Word of God,  I feel as if I can clearly see, as if the Lace or veil as been lifted off of my eyes. I still have a lot to learn and sometimes feel as if I am in a rut but one thing I am confident is that God is calling on me to be Trumpet and start warning others. I will share my Testimony, News Reports, World Events and of course the Word of God in hopes to contribute in the Great Revival that has to take place.

I believe we are in the End Times and we are going to witness a great Awakening in the Body of Christ. We have forgotten our enemy the Devil is at work constantly in our lives. We need to have an awareness that we are being consumed with things of this world, that we are no longer putting God first and in some cases we are completely removing him from our lives. This is my voice, my cry, my plead for Mothers to Wake up and start praying for your Family, Communities and Our Country before God completely removes his veil of protection. God Bless

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